Meth Cleanup

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Meth Cleanup - Efficient And Diligent

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Meth labs are discovered everywhere, including houses, apartments, motel rooms, and sometimes motor vehicles. When found, these labs require cleanup, which is why SafeGuard Restoration offers its meth cleanup service to the Reno, Nevada area.

Some people ask about the concerns of meth cleanup, and there are plenty, not limited to chemical containers, heat sources, and various types of equipment that require prompt removal to prevent health hazards. Once the authorities discover a lab, it is our job to remove said chemicals, containers and lab-related materials.

Contamination is still possible even after removal of such items, and can linger on the surfaces of sinks, drains and counters, as well as in the ventilation systems and in absorbent materials such as carpets. These also pose significant health threats and must be dealt with properly.

Some general steps involved in our meth removal service are:

• Airing out the property
• Removal and disposal of contaminants
• Surface treatment
• Ventilation system treatment

Meth cleanup is something we take seriously, as the contaminants it leaves behind are deadly if not properly removed. We value the safety of our customers and their family and friends, and so we work efficiently and diligently to ensure your property, if affected, is completely and totally cleansed of any residual chemicals and meth-related items. We SafeGuard your property—industry experts responding to your calls 24 hours a day. Contact us today!