Flood Restoration

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Flood Restoration - Certified Master Water Restorer

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Water damage can come from any number of sources, whether rainwater, a leaky roof, a broken pipe, or a flooded toilet. Regardless of the size, we believe that any water damage needs dealt with quickly to prevent it from spreading farther, which is why SafeGuard Restoration offers its water damage and flood restoration service to its Reno, Nevada customers.

If left untreated, excess moisture can damage your property, which creates an environment perfect for mold to develop and thrive. This is why we urge you to act immediately to help save your money and time.

With our certified master water restorer, SafeGuard Restoration is the perfect option to restore your property to normal after water damage has occurred.

We follow a certain set of standards laid out by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration and our process is as follows:

Inspection & Evaluation - We start by creating a drying plan tailored to our customers’ needs, using infrared cameras, a surface contamination test, and wireless video borescopes and meters to detect damage unseen by the human eye.

Disposable Drying Chamber - We use a custom-made drying chamber to focus the use of our equipment on the targeted area, which helps to speed up the water removal process and overall drying of your property.

Extraction - After we’ve put together an effective plan of action, the first step is to remove the water from the damaged areas. Our water damage and flood restoration service provides the appropriate tools to extract all moisture quickly, efficiently and completely, leaving your home good as new.

Deodorization - After water damage has taken place, mold and bacteria are oftentimes present and tend to bring about certain odors, which we will work diligently to remove.

Once we have finished tending to your property, we pack up and leave, cleaning up everything so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Before doing so, we make one final check with our infrared cameras to ensure all water damage is gone.

If your home or property has been subject to water damage, we encourage you to invest in our water damage and flood restoration service. Not only are we efficient, we’re also wallet friendly. We SafeGuard your property—industry experts responding to your calls 24 hours a day. Contact us today!